20. Sep, 2018

TUFF Puppy Full Movie In Hindi Download

T.U.F.F. Puppy Full Movie In Hindi Download ->>> DOWNLOAD

A secret agent labradoodle is recruited into a task force called T.U.F.F and seeks injustice throughout the city in which he lives in.

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original title: T.U.F.F. Puppy

genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Family

imdb: 7.1

keywords: slapstickcomedy, secretagent, barefootcartoonanimal, halfdressedcartoonanimal, nicktoon, villain, violence, fictionalcity, fighting, scientist, inventor, flea, cartoonviolence, animalintitle, cat, spy
















































A secret agent labradoodle is recruited into a task force called T.U.F.F and seeks injustice throughout the city in which he lives in. Butch Hartman's most recent Nicktoon "T.U.F.F. Puppy" truly is awful. The show follows a moronic dog named Duddley (voiced by Jerry Trainer from the equally annoying Nickelodeon show "iCarly") who joins "T.U.F.F.". A group of secret agents who fight bad guys and save the town of Petropolis, which is entirely inhabited by animals. Now where do I begin on how horrible this show is?

First of all, the characters are obnoxious and unlikeable in every way imaginable. Like Duddley's irritating personality, and constant shouting random phrases. Or Snaptrap's annoying voice and lame jokes. The only tolerable character is Kitty Katswell (voiced by Grey DeLisle - Vicky from "The Fairly OddParents"; Frankie from "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends"), and even she isn't all that interesting.

The animation is flat, pointy, and irritating, but this is Butch Hartman, so what's new? Also, this show is unbearably poorly written. The jokes are cheesy, childish, and obnoxious. And there really isn't much thought or intelligence put into this show. I honestly can't see this show appealing to anyone who's seen some actually good cartoons, or to anyone over the age of 8.

The animation is bland, the stories are dull, the humor is childish, the characters are obnoxious, and the voice acting is just average. Not recommended.

Rating: 2/10 "Terrible" Silly, wonderful, happy show about a dog named Dudley Puppy that tries his best to protect his hometown and it's denizens that include but are not limited to: The Little Chipmunk Girl, Peg Puppy, Phil, Roger, and Mrs.Katswell by joining an agency named T.U.F.F. from bad people such as The Chamaleon, Birdbrain, and T.U.F.F.'s archenemy agency D.O.O.M. Even though he isn't very book smart, he has proved himself incredibly street-smart always putting criminals in jail while using impeccable teamwork with his partner Kitty Katswel, his colleague Keswick, and his employer Herbert Dumbrowski nicknamed The Chief. He has wonderfully amazing adventures with his new job i.e.: Protecting his partner from a recurring shape shifting villain, going on a cruse ship referencing the Titanic, developing a crush on a girl dog who's really a villain in disguise, Money. And probably some drugs. Also I think the creator has ties to the Mexican mafia or something. I'm not really sure.


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